viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Once upon a time

I'm going on holiday!

Once upon a time, there was a witch who was tired of being bad and she decided to go on holiday. Her name was Traffy. She lived in a big castle, with her family. She had two children, her daughter Fionna, a girl of 14 who was very nice, and her son Duke, a boy of 16 who was handsome. She lived with her wizard husband Phillip and her cat Blacky.




FIONNA                                            DUKE
Now they all have decided to go on holiday, but they don’t have the same ideas.

Now you can come with us and visit the English Country, City, Island, and Forest. It would be very helpful for you to review all the contents of your course, whenever you want or need.

Paquete de actividades de lengua extranjera -inglés-. Basado en personajes de cuentos famosos (Cenicienta, la Bella durmiente, Asterix y Obelix, entre otros) con los cuales se pretende estimular al alumno a aprender una serie de palabras básicas, además de los nombre de estos personajes en inglés. Las actividades están dirigidas a los alumnos de primer ciclo de educación primaria.

In these pages, teachers, parents and students will find useful information, activities and games to reinforce the learning process of English.

Here, we try to share activities made by some other English teachers and by ourselves.

Please, feel free to comment and to share your points of view about this wonderful world of teaching English as a Second Language.